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Widest Range of Suits Rentals in Singapore

Tuxedo Suits, Black Tie Suits, Wedding Suits, Dinner Suits, Formal Suits, ROM Suits, Prom Suits, Lounge Suits, Bridal Suits, Groom Suits, Groomsmen Suits, White Tie Suits, Party Suits, Company Events Suits, Fashion Show Suits – Suits to fit ALL occasions

We will make you look good – for Every Event

Life Is Too Short To Repeat Clothes

For all occasions and all moments, by gives you a pocket-friendly way to make an unmistakable impression and look great!

Rent Your Suit Today

At, we take over your apparel needs so you can focus on what matters the most – the important moments in life. From weddings to events of glamor, business meetings to declamations, our collection features a multitude of suit rentals.

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    Exclusive Designs

    Trendy and classic, colorful and somber, find any and all suit designs at

    • Black Tie/Lounge Suits
    • Tuxedo Suits/Dinner Suits
    • Wedding/ROM Suits
    • Formal/White Tie Suits/Tux Tails
    • Groom/Bridal/Groomsmen Suits
    • Business/Company Events Suits
    • Prom/Party Suits
    • Waistcoats/Vests, Tuxedo Shirts, Dress Shirts, Bow Ties, Cummerbunds, Pocket Squares, Neckties and Cufflink Sets

    Size Inclusivity

    You name it – we have it.

    At, we believe in sizes for all. We carry a range of sizes up to 7XL.

    Our collection spans across and beyond regular, classic, modern, and slim-fit.

    How Does it Work?

    Quick – Easy – Convenient
    Our service revolves around these 3 words.

    Easier than browsing through suit racks and quicker than a stroll through the mall, here’s the way to achieving the best suit looks at utmost convenience.

    Step 1: Book an Appointment.
    Step 2: Visit us to select your suit, get fitted and book a suit.
    Step 3: Pick up your suit on the arranged date.

    Can’t make it to to pick-up or drop-off your suit?

    Get someone to pick-up and/or drop-off your suit or arrange with a delivery service.

    Classic Upgrades for Sleek Looks

    We don’t merely rent suits. We create fashion stories.

    A usual misconception of rentals is how standard they look. With us, it’s the opposite.

    Our rentals include a bespoke package created for you.

    Pair the rental with the classics:

    • Tuxedo Shirts/Dress Shirts
    • Bow Ties/Cummerbunds/Pocket Squares
    • Neckties/Cufflinks

    Become a head-turner in our suit.

    Finest Apparel From a Legacy of Master Tailors

    Fashion is defined through the ages, and our tailors are multi-generational.
    Modern looks to classic ones, consult with us for a suit rental that makes you shine – no matter the event.

    Get Suited

    Less than half the original price and offering the same great look – rentals are the future.

    Are you ready to embrace the future?

    Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation.

    Let us help you re-define yourself and become your best version.

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